The unexpected suddenly’s

Have you ever had a time where something was just dropped into your lap? Where you were handed what you wanted on a silver platter? Where you were given the opportunity to do something you never thought you could?

The unexpected suddenly’s are the best kind. Sometimes we strive to get what we want, with blood, sweat and tears; we grind and work for it. However, when something that happens unexpectedly in our lives for the good, it really is amazing. I recently was offered a new job, that I absolutely love. I wasn’t expecting it, however it came at the perfect time and I have so much excitement about it. I have learnt when these unexpected miracles happen in our lives to be truly thankful and to NEVER take it for granted.  Don’t try and work it out, don’t try and understand it, just embrace it.


Some of us need to learn to receive. We are so good at giving; giving to our families, our friends and our work. We need to learn sometimes that when good things happen to us, to embrace and receive it.

So why do some of us have a hard time receiving the good things? Maybe we don’t feel like we deserve it? I know that I have experienced quite a few bad romantic relationships in my life that at one point, I felt that I didn’t deserve any better. It wasn’t until something beautiful came in to my life in the form of a romantic relationship that I realised I had unrealistic expectations of myself. Did I deserve this love? Why did this love find me? Will this person love me? Maybe they are too good for me? Have you ever said these things to yourself? Maybe it wasn’t in the form of love, maybe it was about getting a new home, finding a new friend or a new job.

You may have thought…”how can I embrace this good thing in my life when it has never worked out before?” or “why did this good thing come to me when there are so many others who deserve it more?” Sometimes, there is no reason to why good things happen to us or on the contrary why bad things happen to us. However, the best thing you can do is not to judge it but embrace it.

What would happen if you were never afraid to say YES to the suddenly’s in your life? The things that came into your life unexpectedly however you know will be amazing. You and I can sit here and think and think and logically try to reason why this would be a risk, however sometimes the best risks lead to the best rewards. Never be afraid to say no, even if something comes along that you were not expecting or will interrupt your plans.


my plan

What are the benefits of embracing the suddenly’s in our life:

  • an opportunity for adventure
  • a reason to challenge our own thinking
  • gaining more confidence by stepping out of the box we find ourselves living in
  • receiving even more greater opportunities
  • getting a larger view of the world around us
  • receiving healing and wholeness

Next time, something suddenly comes into your life and you  know that it is a good thing, try not to question it too much. Sometimes we are very good at talking ourselves out of a good thing. Just embrace it and love all that life provides to you. Remember tomorrow is not a guarantee. Take a hold of the good when it comes to you and truly live the amazing life you were born to live!