How being brave reduces the fear of dangerous or difficult things 



Showing no fear of dangerous or difficult things 


  • Starting a new relationship after being in an abusive one
  • Starting a the role you wanted when someone has told you never to apply for that type of job role because in their words you will “just not succeed”
  • Moving cities to start a new adventure
  • Taking an overseas trip rather than playing it safe locally
  • Starting a new business after a previous one had failed
  • Deciding to drive again after being in a fatal car accident
  • Living life to the fullest when people have told you to take it easy
  • Being a friend and reaching out when people are too lazy to reach out to you
  • Showing up at an event when I know there will be people there who betrayed me

These are the things that I have done which were brave and courageous

  • Be bold and very courageous, nothing good can come from playing it safe
  • Learn to love the world around you and branch out to new possibilities
  • Never underestimate new beginnings
  • Try, try and try again

These are the things that I have told myself to help me be brave.

When life throws you curve balls sometimes they do actually knock you out. You then have to decide to wipe away the dust, pick yourself off the ground (sometimes literally) and try again. I know it is hard however the other option is to stay down and defeated and loose your potential. No one else has been hand crafted and formed the way you were in your mothers womb. There will only ever be one of you. No one can copy your thought processes, inspiration or what motivates you. We need to be brave so that we achieve what we were born to do. Other people will benefit from our bravery. There is someone who needs to hear your story, someone who needs to be inspired by your voice, someone who needs you to be brave. Go on, do it, be brave, I dare you!