What To Do When You Are Unmotivated: Best Ways To Find Strength

feeling tired and unmotivated at work

1. Take A Deep Breath and Pause

Is it normal to feel unmotivated at work

2. Make A To-Do-List

3. Talk To Someone For Support When You Feel Unmotivated

  • Choose a trusted confidant.
  • Ensure they have your best interests at heart.
  • Experience the positive energy and motivation that comes from expressing yourself.

4. Write Down Why You Do Your Job

bored but no motivation to do anything

  1. Your initial reasons for choosing this job or career path.
  2. Personal goals and aspirations related to your job.
  3. The positive impact your work has on others or your community.
  4. Past accomplishments and successes in your role.
  5. Skills and strengths you bring to your job.
  6. Any inspiring quotes or mantras that resonate with your work.
  7. Ways your work aligns with your values and beliefs.
  8. Future career milestones and what you hope to achieve.
  9. Any challenges you’ve overcome in your professional journey.
  10. Moments when you felt particularly proud or fulfilled in your role.

Final Thoughts On Feeling Tired and Unmotivated at Work:

no desire to work anymore